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Need a professional to help you install sprinklers for your home or business? Sprinkler systems that are connected to Wi-Fi allow you to control them just as you would a smart home! All you need is internet and your sprinkler will connect right to your device! In your house or over at a friend’s, your sprinkler system will be at the touch of your fingertips. Say you headed out to friends to hang out and at the start of the day, the weather was cool and your plants were watered. Then, later in the day, it gets really, really hot and you realize that your plants are going to need some water! All you have to do is connect to your Wi-Fi operated sprinkler system to give them water! How great is that? The best part of having a Wi-Fi sprinkler installation in Flagstaff, AZ is that you will be able to monitor both the garden and the system! You will know how much water your plants are getting as well as if anything is wrong with the system! If something is a little shaky, you will know ahead of time; making it easier to fix before the problem gets out of hand!

Even though sprinklers are great, there is something even better to pick; drip irrigation. Studies show that Flagstaff, AZ drip irrigation systems use thirty to fifty percent less water than your average sprinkler! That saves you a lot of money, right? Not only that, but it also can help your plants grow better as it waters for longer which prevent the run off of nutrients and the erosion of the soil! The water from drip irrigation systems also prevents weeds. This is because the water goes right where it needs to go; to the roots! No more bending over and pulling out those pesky weeds in the hot sun! If you are interested in getting a drip irrigation system installed, all you have to do is contact our professional drip irrigation contractors and they will come to your commercial or residential property and install one for you!

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If you like gardening, then you should definitely consider getting some affordable rain water harvesting systems. Rain water is better for your plant then what comes out of the hose as that more often than not has been treated or has chlorine in it.  Water from the sky is so much better for your plants. Trust me, they will thank you by producing way more than you expected! Not only is rainwater harvesting beneficial for you, it is also great for the other people in your area. For instance, when it rains, sometimes it really pours. In these cases, so much water gets wasted by running into the streets and down into drains. If you had a rainwater system set up such as a gutter and tank, the rain water from that storm would flow down right into that tank and you could use that for outdoor needs as well as for cooking. However, make sure you filter the water before using it for cooking! As long as you keep your gutters clean and free from leaves, your rainwater will continue to flow beautifully! Depending on where you live, rain water can definitely sustain you permanently. You will never pay water bills again! Okay, okay. That might be a bit of a stretch, but you will definitely see a drastic drop in your water bills if you decide to begin your high quality rain water harvesting in Flagstaff, AZ. If you decide to get a top irrigation system installed on your commercial or residential property, you won’t need to worry about being stressed at all! We have the best irrigation contractors in Flagstaff, AZ and they know how to give you an affordable install. Not only that, but our affordable rain water harvesting systems are easy to move around! If you move to a new area, our contractors will move your irrigation systems to the new location; no need for a new one! If there is ever an emergency situation, you will have water!

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Rain harvesting should not be thought of as an old rural tradition that people did before pipes existed. In fact, rainwater harvesting is an amazing way of getting free water to do little things like watering the plants or washing the car! Who needs to have a water bill that has you gawking if you can get free water from the sky! The water that you collect will be clean if the surface it runs on is clean, so make sure to keep your rainwater surfaces clean! Your neighbors may even begin to think you are cool if you have a rainwater harvesting system set up! Allow our irrigation contractors in Flagstaff, AZ to come to your residential property and set up a residential or commercial irrigation system. There are so many things that we depend on and if something were to happen to your water, what would you do? That is why it is such a great idea to have an irrigation system as it can help you to become more self-sufficient and save money!

You are probably wondering how exactly you can begin your rainwater harvesting adventures. Well, to start, you can have our irrigation contractors come to your commercial or residential property an install some rainwater harvesting tanks and, if you do not already have one, some gutters. Our top gutter contractors are the best in Flagstaff, Arizona and they can give you an amazing, seamless gutter installation!  Don’t believe us? Well, you should. We have been doing this for years and we know what we are doing.

After our gutter contractors come by and give you an installation, the gutter will connect to a pipe that will drip right down into your tank, getting you fresh rainwater for no work at all! Like I mentioned previously, this water is great for many things like washing the outdoor furniture or gardening.