How Can Rainwater Harvesting Save Me Money?

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Rainwater harvesting is when you set up special barrels on your property that collect rainwater when it falls. You can collect the excess water from your gutters and roof. The water that comes from the sky is pretty good. If the plants can use it, so can you, and you should. Water from Rainwater harvesting in Tucson can be used for everyday things like drinking, washing your car, watering the garden, giving water to your animals and more. Water that you get from a water harvesting system is basically fresh water that you don’t have to pay for.

A lot of the usage on our water bill comes from the exterior water we use – like the water from our hose. What if you had a system of water harvesting tanks in Tucson that covered most or all of the water you used out there for free! That would be a lot of savings! In fact, you could save up to five hundred dollars a year from rainwater harvesting in Tucson, Arizona. Now that’s not letting a single drop go to waste! Not just rain, snow can be used in Tucson irrigation systems as well, although it doesn’t snow much here.

The short answer: of course! You may be surprised when you find just how many inches of rainwater fall in your town a year. For Tucson, Arizona, that’s about 12 inches. It’s a desert region. That makes it even more important to get use out of every last drop of water that falls here.  Fun fact – just a quarter inch of rain on a roof can fill a rainwater harvesting barrel. And get this- a full rain barrel can water a garden that’s two hundred square feet. Even if you only used the water you harvested for your exterior water needs, that would still mean significant savings.

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Irrigation systems in Tucson, Arizona are popular for a reason. The local municipalities often support efforts when homeowners decide to do water harvesting. Find out if you can receive rebates on the rainwater harvesting that you’re doing. Take advantage of these financial incentives, and make a water harvesting system in Tucson a real win-win.

For all of the worth it gives, rainwater harvesting barrels aren’t too expensive. You may have been thinking solar panel kind of prices, but in actuality a rain barrel will probably run you seventy dollars at a local Walmart. Rain barrels can be found anywhere for reduced prices though, even as low as $20. So, shop around before deciding to get one. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, try your hand at building one on your own! The internet (as usual) will be your friend for tips on this one.

So think about rainwater harvesting as an option for your home. But don’t just jump right in. Rainwater harvesting is actually illegal in some areas, so just make sure that everything is on the straight and clear. And once that’s all one, call Aqua Vets Tucson!

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